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What age?

We've taught kids as young as 2 up to adults in their 60's.  Our general rule is if you are keen to learn and showing a genuine interest in skateboarding, then we are happy to teach.  Our experience has taught us that under 5's respond better in a private 1-2-1 lesson with less distractions.


Our group lesson plans are currently in the planning stages.  If you would rather a private lesson, drop us an email by clicking here.

How do i book?

Once our group lesson plans are finalised we will have links to follow from the main page of our website.  Until then, please drop us an email here for info on booking a private lesson

What should I wear?

We recommend comfy, loose fitting clothing that is not too precious and some flat soled trainers.


Skateboarding can be strenuous so we always suggest you bring plenty of water and possibly a small snack as we don't generally offer refreshments on site.

I don't have a skateboard!?

We do have a selection of professional skateboards that you can use during your lesson, just let us know in advance if you need or just want to try one.

What safety equipment do i need?

A helmet is MANDATORY for under 18’s and highly recommended for all attendees.  We do have a limited amount of helmets available for use, just let us know in advance if you need one.

Knee/Elbow/Wrist pads are not essential, although some may like the additional confidence they bring, please supply your own.

What skateboard should I buy?

Buying a skateboard is a very personal thing and purchasing online can be a complete minefield of choice, quality and cost.  Our general rule is to stay away from toy and sports shop skateboards.  If it is below around €50, you seriously have to consider the quality, logevity and ease of use.  We would always recommend visiting a local skateboard shop in person for professional advice and quality equipment.

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